5 Simmenfälle – Iffigenalp

Wonderful water worlds

The day starts with a climb along the spraying Simmen Falls to the Barbara Bridge. Torrents of water fall down here via several cascades before crashing over rock and spraying the surrounding area with a fine mist. The windy trail leads up through the forest. Deep clefts which the River Simme has eaten into the rock are clearly visible. Once we arrive at Alp Rezliberg, we have reached the source of the River Simme. At the foot of the mighty limestone cliff, the River Simme becomes a white, foamy river. In summer, up to 2,800 litres a second flow over the seven springs, called Siebenbrünnen. The trail continues over Alpine meadows, past Alpine herdsmen's huts and up to Langermatte, the meadow where the Lenk women once famously put the Valais attackers to flight.

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Most important stage details

Barbara bridge Length: 8km
Source of the Simme

Duration of hike: 4.5h
Langermatte Climb: 920m
  Descent: 450m

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